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The setting for the latest version of Castle of Temptation is a fantasy kingdom filled with exotic animals and mysterious terrain. You take on the responsibility of a hero who must embark on an incredible adventure through this fantasy world while avoiding deadly threats.

Castle of Temptation Game Detail

The Castle of Temptation was created 86 years after the peaceful treatment of youkai and humans. It’s for newbies who want to be adventurers, a test of their abilities and strength. Since the war was over, adventurers also exchanged culture and society, so castles were created to improve their wills and reaction times.

Castle of Temptation As a young adventurer, must go through the castle in the Castle of Temptation. There may be some puzzle element in the game as you pick up items and throw them around. Although, stressful but the game is still interesting and the more you play the better.

Castle of Temptation Game Detail

Castle of Temptation features frenetic boss battles. You can try for yourself to see if our hero earns a huge coin. There are both very easy and very difficult battles in this game. Maybe some people quit this game due to level 2 bosses.The bosses of the game need to be better balanced. Because being an adventurer is a really rewarding job and it offers many rewards.

Highlights of Castle of Temptation

Super graphics

If you like traditional and classic atmosphere, Castle of Temptation is right for you which has stunning pixel graphics and lovely 2D graphics that will transport you to a fantasy world filled with magic and adventure.

Castle of Temptation Game Detail

Collect goods and treasures

Although ruined, the castle still has a lot of valuable objects and treasures that you can find and collect. Each object has a background story, adding to the richness and intrigue of this strange universe. Make sure your collection is full as it will be useful when trying to solve puzzles.

Castle of Temptation Game Detail


Castle of Temptation offers a series of puzzles to test the player’s problem-solving skills. As the player progresses in the game, the puzzles increase in complexity, from easy to difficult. Solving each puzzle is essential for players to progress further in the game, requiring them to think strategically and use their wits to overcome obstacles.

Castle of Temptation Game Detail

Rewards & Challenges

Castle of Temptation has a lot of rewards and challenges to attract players. With each level the player can unlock exclusive content and bonus levels using coins, gems and other resources. They can customize their characters with a variety of skills and play styles.

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